ELECTRO KLEEN SYSTEMS presents a simple way of keeping your machines in prime condition:

OIL ANALYSIS & OIL FILTRATION. Based in Chennai, we have been providing preventive and predictive maintenance services for the past 25 years. We seek clues in oil samples to help machines avoid breakdown due to excessive friction, unwanted heating, contamination and inability to transfer energy.

We ensure that machine breakdown related to oil is minimized by informing the customer well in advance the condition of the oil. We help keep oil clean, healthy and dry to boost your machines performance.

Starting off as an onsite service provider for oil filtration 25 years back, we now have a state of the art oil testing laboratory which provides quality results backed by stringent requirements of our ISO/IEC 17205:2005 accreditation. Established in 2006, this laboratory is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). Our technically trained and qualified staff conducts test in accordance to ASTM and BIS standarad procedures precise data interpretations from the readings.

Our qualified and efficient staff ensures that the results which we provide to our customers are repeatable and reliable information. This will enable the engineers at the customerís site take informed decisions. Centralized data analysis and previous data comparison helps customers take corrective action.

We offer our customers custom made comprehensive OIL MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS. Supported by cleaning and maintenance programs, we bring to the industry experience, technology and state of the art testing facility to effectively deliver results in record time.

Our predictive maintenance program, also includes Thermography and Vibration Analysis and helps to predict the condition of the machine and take up maintenance activities accordingly.

Our Thermography services are executed by Level 2 certified American Society of Non Destructive Testing (ASNT) thermographers, who analyze the data and make interpretations. Our experts have wide knowledge in this field to identify and detect problems and offer suitable remedial actions.

Our Vibration engineers have over 15 years of experience in the field of vibration analysis and balancing. This helps them to accurately interpret the data taken at the site and provide repeatable and reliable information, enabling engineers to take informed decisions.

To help customers save money and time by analyzing and monitoring the condition of their equipment.