Electrokleen Systems

Asset optimization is the buzz word in the manufacturing industry and we help achieve those goals of Asset optimization. The life cycle of the machine / equipment and the performance during the defined life cycle depends on the maintenance of the equipment. Indian manufacturing environment already believes in repair and use rather than replace where applicable. Hence repair and use will be efficient only when the maintenance of the equipment is at its peak in order to extract the maximum life out of the machine.


The oil in a machine is as critical as blood in a human body.


Hence in order to achieve the best results from the machine the oil / coolant used in the machine has to be maintained at ideal conditions. We are EKS help achieve those conditions with respect to the lubricants by keeping the oil full – leak free – cool – clean. By maintaining the oil in the below condition we would reach optimal situation between the lubricant consumption and lubricant life with respect to machine performance.


Our management programs can be divided as below


The two programs have different agendas with different goals. Both require maintaining the fluid at ideal conditions which are relevant to each operation. While the coolant management program highly influences the product quality and the finish of the product while keeping in mind the consumption trend. However, the Oil Management Program mainly focuses on increasing the life of the machine as well as the life of the oil and reduction in consumption of the oil.



  • Improve Quality of Hydraulic Fluids
  • Monitor / Improve usage of Lubrication Fluids
  • Reduce consumption of Hydraulic Fluids
  • Maintain basic condition of Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Reduce breakdowns caused due to Oils



  • Improve sump life of coolant
  • Maintain concentration of coolant as required
  • Remove tramp oil from tank where required
  • Maintain the basic condition of the Coolant Tank
  • Reduce rejections caused due to poor quality coolant

Currently providing such services to large manufacturing plants such as Hyundai Motor India Ltd. And Sundaram Clayton Ltd. to name a few.